During my career, working for international organizations based in France, I experienced some of the same challenges your executives are facing communicating in a multicultural environment.  I believe that effective communication is fundamental to successful business.

I am a British qualified CELTA trainer (Cambridge English Language Trainer for Adults) living in Paris.  I have written and developed a training program for business communication skills that can be delivered either in groups of up to 6, or, individual face to face lessons.

Communication skills have become an essential in our global and multicultural business environment.  Working in a language that is not your mother tongue, and communicating with others for whom English is also a second or third language requires an insight and empathy toward cultural difference, and the capacity to adapt to context and audience.

My classes bring the English language and Anglophone culture to life and they will reinforce your executives’ confidence working in English.  By incorporating my coaching techniques into my training I challenge my clients to think about the way they are communicating, to push the boundaries and consider different approaches and concepts of leadership and communication.  In an ever growing global environment, I embolden your executives to reach new levels of questioning and awareness.

We will work on topics such as collaborative leadership, ‘the millennials’, motivation, team building, cultural intelligence, presentation skills, coaching and mentoring, as well as current affairs and general culture from a wide range of Anglophone countries.

Your executives will see their vocabulary increase and along with it, their confidence in addressing business and social situations in English.  This two-way process puts emphasis on their progress and satisfaction.

I will also, as required, research and design tailor made courses to meet your specific requirements.