Caris Kindler-Mathieu
Internal Consultant and Coach with DCNS/Naval Group

In my role as internal consultant and coach with DCNS/Naval Group I was asked, in May 2017, by the Human Resources Department to find a solution to their need to enhance their ability to communicate their activities to an international audience and to develop more cultural awareness. 

I approached Jane to see what she could propose. She took the time to identify and understand our core needs and expectations. She then designed and tailor made her coaching program accordingly and delivered it with efficiency. Jane knows what is important and what to leave out and could understand our business quickly. She also brings the latest material and concepts.  

Jane coached 24 executives in groups of 8 for 2 weeks. She built confidence, created the space to explore the need for cultural change, developed personal and professional growth both individually and collectively, and helped to build understanding and strong bonds between team members and teams. Each team consisted of members from different HR functions and different levels. This allowed for a sharing of experience and transmission of knowledge and for different points of views to be heard and considered. Jane encouraged collaboration. 

Jane put everybody at ease by creating the perfect learning condition, with fun, laughter and humour. Jane’s approach is one of deep listening, she is flexible and adapts to unexpected situations with ease and confidence.

The result: our HR department can communicate with clarity, transparency and simplicity, while considering the cultural differences of our international subsidiaries. The teams know their strengths and weakness and work together towards their common goals.  

We had excellent feedback from our executives and will be working with Jane on future coaching projects, both individual and collectively.